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Plenary Session of the VIII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum

1. International Law. Justice. Rule of Law

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1.1. European Convention on Human Rights and Russian Law: 20 Years Together

1.2. Evidentiary Issues before International Tribunals

1.3. Law Enforcement in the European Union (to be specified)

1.4. Bio-Ethics and Medtechs

1.5. Doping and Sportsmen Rights Protection

2. Legal Profession

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2.1. Legal Industry Evolution: From Letter to Digit

2.2. Law Firm Management

2.3. Conference of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation

3. Smart Society

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3.1. Law and FinTech: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Regulatory Sandboxes

3.2. LegalTech World Challenge: Artificial Intelligence and BigData Use in Legal Services

3.3. Intellectual Property (to be specified)

3.4. Personal Data Security (to be specified)

4. International projects. Investments. Finance

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4.1. The Role of Vnesheconombank in the Transformation of The Russian Economy: Legislative Changes, Project Finance Factory, Syndication, High-Tech and Export Projects

4.2. Infrastructure Mortgage (to be specified)

4.3. Construction Investments and Housing Financing (to be specified)

4.4. Investments in Japan (to be specified)

4.5. M&A (to be specified)

4.6. Tax Law (to be specified)

4.7. Banking Law (to be specified)

4.8. Public Procurement (to be specified)

4.9. Pharmacy (to be specified)

6. Culture. Education

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6.1. Conference on State-Confessional Relations

6.2. Protection of Cultural Heritage (to be specified)

6.3. Legal Education (to be specified)

6.4. Charity (to be specified)

7. Subsoil Use. Energy. Ecology

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7.1. Development of Ecology and Natural Resources Management in the Russian Federation: Balance between Private and Public Interests

7.2. Energy Law (to be specified)

7.3. Nuclear Law (to be specified)

7.4. Subsoil Use (to be specified)

8. Private Law

9. New Challenges: New Competition Policy

* The Programme may be subject to change